Kenn Williams - Owner

Kenn's life has wrought within his soul a depth of experience that has shaped his outlook in strange and profound ways. Woven down deep inside of him is a warrior soul, a balance of gentleman and intellectual, a hard worker not afraid to dirty his hands, and an entreprenurial spirit with an artist's eye for the odd details of life. The details of life that make a filmmaker great. Those raw things that molded him via the suffering of his hardscrabble existance, will give the rest of us a fresh perspective on the appreciation of both his fine crafted art and life's odd angles. Kenn's vision in filmmaking must also be a journey through the workings of his soul and he takes you along for the ride.

Uniqueness Comes From A Point Of View

At Chasing Productions, our uniqueness comes from our belief that one size doesn’t fit all. We are not in business to grind out our productions according to a formula. Everyone is different. Every project is different.

  • We are experienced, creative people and we want to help you tell your story, in a way that is significant to you.
  • We understand that price is a consideration. We will work with you to create a project that is within your budget. There are no hidden fees. Many projects are modular, so you can do some now, and add more later, if you wish!
  • We love what we do, and it shows!