Chasing Productions offers a vast range of services. Listed below are merely a few examples of the types of work we can do. Please contact us with your videography and film needs.

Please Inquire Regarding Pricing - contract terms will usually include a down payment of 50%, with the remainder due prior to delivery of completed works.

Promotional Reels

This type of video can promote or demonstrate any skill you have, similar to a video biography. A great product for semi-pro athletes to get their foot in the door!

Please Inquire Regarding Pricing

DVD Authoring/Conversion

Do you have VHS, 8mm Film or other video format? Let Chasing Productions convert the video to DVD for you. We can even perform video editing, however we cannot guarantee the quality of the final product. The quality of the video produced is dependant on the quality of the video we start with.

Advertising Productions

Videos used for advertisement, such as web commercials, customer testimonials, not including television spots and theatre advertisements. Please inquire about these with as much detail as you can provide me, using the form on the contact page.

Training And Safety Videos

Training videos up to 20 min in length start at $999.95. This will require filming in multiple locations, multiple personnel and the full cooperation of the company involved. You will not receive that typical safety video. As a member of The Local Laborers No. 113 Union here in Milwaukee I know the need for effective ways to get across the importance of work safety. I experienced the reactions of the guys seeing these tapes and I believe that gives me better insight into how to approach the production of the safety and training videos.


Chasing Productions can produce your documentary. From initial planning and filming to final editing and DVD authoring, we can do it all. Inquire with details regarding pricing.

Wedding Video Montages

This is a very intimate and special day that you will want to remember forever. Why not remember it with a DVD of the right collections of testimonials from guests, funny and tender moments? From the first kiss as husband and wife we will make a collection of memories up to 30 min long.

Video Biography

If you need to promote your likeness, choose Chasing Productions to film new and compile existing video into a Video Biography. This will allow you to present yourself, your ideas, history or any other aspect of your life to others. This can be utilized as a memorial to a loved one or a resume for professions such as acting, newscasting or athlete.

Finalization of Original Projects

Each video montage/project made will include 3 DVD copies. I assure you that we will library your projects; 10 years from now I will have your video in your hands in just a few days if needed.